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Lessons and Camps

Lesson Goals and Camp Program Goals

Our Lesson Program is designed to produce competitive riders and horses at the local, “A” and “AA” level horse shows. 
Just as each horse is unique, so is the development of a rider. We place no pressure on our riders to progress quickly as realistic timelines and goals are different for each rider.
Our Camp Programs are designed for Beginner and Intermediate Riders.  Our goal is to teach beginners the fundamentals of horse care, to prepare them for future riding, and to have fun!  Our goal for intermediate riders is to advance skills over the 5 days.

Lesson Requirements

  1. We require a minimum of 4 lessons per month. This structure enables the rider to progress in skill and confidence. Riding frequently helps the rider master fundamentals better as muscles develop with repetition. Riding more frequently is encouraged for those interested and can be achieved in lessons, leasing, or ownership.
  2. Students in our program are not only responsible for riding, but also caring for the horse before and after the lesson. They are also required to pick up any messes their horse leaves behind. Each student must properly cool out and groom their horse and return all supplies to their proper place before they leave the farm.
  3. All students are expected to be dressed properly for lessons and riding. Proper attire is paddock boots and chaps with jeans or riding pants or riding pants and tall boots(for those over 13). Hair should be neat and tidy either in braids or up in helmet with a hairnet.
  4. Lesson Cancellation and Make-up Policy

      • Weather cancellations made by the barn must be made up within 30 days. 
      • Makeups for all other lessons may be mounted or unmounted at instructors discretion and are subject to availability of instructor and horse.
      • All lesson packages must be used within a 30 day period.   

Beginner Rates

Private Lessons.......................$55-$65/hour

Group Lessons.......................$45-$55/hour

Juvenile Lesson Rates

3-5 years old,
30 minute private lessons

Lessons...................$35.00/half hour

Camp Programs

Every year our campers tell us how much fun they had and how much they learn.  We have several camps throughout the year.  Our camps are 5 days long.  The riders learn horse care skills: grooming, bathing, and tacking their horse.  They spend time riding with the instructor.  There is time for arts, craft and lots of fun.

2019 Summer Camp Schedule

Summer Camp 1 ..................  June 17-21
Summer Camp 2 .................  July 15-19

$350 per week
Limit 10 riders per week.  Reserve your spot now!

Email for more details and registration info.

Please contact us regarding possible additional camps.

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